Meet Amber

Client Relations Manager, Musical Mom, and Advocate

Introducing Amber

“Every case has its own story, its own world.” – Amber Roy

Twenty years ago, Amber Roy and Josiah Roloff shared the same workplace and similar interests in digital forensics. Their professional paths diverged, eventually meeting again when Amber joined Roloff Digital Forensics (RDF) in January 2021. Having a trifold love for relations, technology, and servant leadership, Amber saw an opportunity to be creative at RDF.

Co-parented by a team (yes, it takes a team), Amber is the daughter of a Relationship Manager, a Businessman, a Shriner, and a Nurse. Servant leadership and finding creative ways to give back to her community run in the family. Her eldest daughter is in Nursing school, her youngest daughter is a Specialist in the US Army, and her son is focused on graduating high school and becoming an animator.

On working at RDF, “Every single person here is solution-minded. Their approaches are going to be completely different with unique perspectives. I work with people who genuinely enjoy one another. It’s impossible to not be creative in an environment that promotes that kind of growth and culture.”


A Few of Her Favorites

Amber wears many hats as the RDF Client Relations Manager, Scrum Master, Evidence Custodian and Continuous Improvement Manager.

My role at Roloff Digital Forensics combines my favorite things about working with people – always with the focus of being factual to those that we serve! I am honored to bring people together, assist with logistics, and I love looking for ways to grow our relationships and improve our processes.

RDF’s services and expertise span the expanse of technology from the Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT) to consulting on prosecution or defense in criminal cases or military-related cases.

“We’re creating a path, a footprint everywhere we go. And sometimes folks need help preserving that information. Sometimes they need our examiners to analyze the information and document what they find. Our focus is to be factual to those that we serve.”


What is digital evidence? 

Amber and her colleagues help clients understand digital evidence through intentional processes, including but not limited to: 

  • Photo/video/audio enhancements
  • Electronic document and/or file authentication
  • Recovering deleted electronic files
  • Discovery review and analysis
  • Identification and preservation of electronic data sources
  • Recovery and analysis of location data

“We work with people. We want to make forensics understandable to the people that need our help, and we are vigilant to remember that we are helping real people, not just working through a problem, or analyzing data. Our relationships are at the heart of what we do.”


No day is Groundhog’s Day

“Digital forensics is a fascinating world. Not a single day is a repeat. On any given day, I learn at least five new things about my team, or technology, or processes, or myself, or our world.”

Wall art that says "Be a voice, not an echo"

An ideal coworker is not a copy

“Diversity is hugely important here, especially with our size. The team at RDF is intelligent, transparent, and courageous. That’s important to me and aligns with my love of Agile frameworks and Scrum methodologies. We continue to grow together. This has a positive impact with us personally as well as professionally. It shapes us, our individual culture, and how we interact with each other and our clients.”

Passing down, giving back

Amber is involved in the community and finds opportunities to participate locally with her family. Her parents are active members of local car clubs and charitable organizations. These relationships help create opportunities to raise funds that benefit the community and young adults.

In her spare time, Amber reads medieval lit and poetry, is continuing her education, and plays music with her family. As a video game lover, she found herself enjoying the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft and enjoys an occasional console game or two with her son and daughters.

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