Your Trusted Digital Forensics Team

Making digital evidence understandable is at the core of RDF’s vision. We do this by selecting the right people, empowering them to own their cases, their work product, and to tirelessly explore new opportunities and methods for investigating digital evidence. This mixture of technological and interpersonal relationship skills brings an unusual element to any team that chooses to partner with us.


Investigating electronic evidence in criminal law proceedings is our specialty. We assist criminal defense and prosecution teams to include all branches of the armed forces, attorneys in private practice, county and federal public defenders, and court-appointed defenders across the United States and overseas. Learn more about how we can assist you.

RDF is frequently retained to assist in civil cases, both for plaintiffs and defendants. The case types are diverse, but generally, include topics such as medical malpractice, forgery, fraud, identity theft, human resource and employment issues, family law, theft of intellectual property, and other business-related issues. Learn more here.

Recent Updates in Digital Forensics

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Cloud-based evidence is the fastest growing area in digital forensics.

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Brains Beat Algorithms: Why Digital Forensics Still Need Humans + AI

We get it, understanding artificial intelligence and keeping up with emerging technology is hard and probably not taught in law school.

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